mediation practice and law

mediation practice and law



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நூல் பெயர் : mediation practice and law
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Time is the greatest casualty of the adversarial process. There is a need to resort to other methods of dispute resolution which will not only save time, but also diminish the acrimony and estranged relationships resulting from litigation. Mediation is the effective alternative remedy since its focus is on non-coercive and consensual processes. Ever since the legislature amended Section 89 of the Code of Civil Procedure to include mediation as one of the modes of dispute settlement, a wide range of disputes, including commercial disputes, matrimonial cases, contractual and property claims, family and business conflicts, workplace disputes have been referred to mediation.

This book brings out the art, techniques and skills of mediation. The author walks the reader through a full-length mediation with notes to illustrate different stages. The book also shows how mediators should deal with seemingly dead-end situations and prescribes norms of confidentiality and ethics. Written in simple, accurate and persuasive language, the book, based on the author’s own experience over two decades, examines how the positive approach of mediation helps litigators find solutions by constructive negotiation with the help of a trusted mediator in an environment of mutual respect.

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