About the Library

Supporting teaching, learning, research, and innovation at Islamic library and globally, the Libraries connect faculty and students to the best scholarly information available from wherever they are.

The Libraries advance knowledge at Islamic library and beyond in many ways, including the following:

  • Enabling discovery. Experts in a range of disciplines help students and faculty find the best sources from a vast collection of books, journals, databases, and archival and rare materials.
  • Connecting to a vast scholarly network. Partnerships with other top research libraries enable the Islamic library community to access materials from libraries worldwide and staff to tackle complex 21st-century information challenges.
  • The Foundation acts as the “fundraising arm” of the Library. If you want to support the Library with a donation, your gift goes to the Foundation. We work with the Library to identify the best way donors gifts can enhance the Library and meet the ever changing needs of the community.
Anjuman Arivagam & Islamic Center

" Imagine a world without access to books in your own language "

Anjuman Arivagam Islamic Library, Ayyampettai, Thanjavur has had a sustained and steady growth and enjoys wide acclaim and appreciation.

The impact of Islamic library‘s myriad of activities has been phenomenal :-

  • To improve human communication
  • To make Islam a living reality in modern times.
  • To build bridges of understanding among all section of society.
  • To galvanize man to the message and ideal of One God, One Humanity as preached and practiced by the last and final Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Anjuman Arivagam Islamic Library is committed to the welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed or color. Its emphasis is on assisting the children and youth who are the citizens of tomorrow and the disabled who need a support to help them join mainstream society.

We like to create great thinks with books

A hybrid between knowledge base and a manual, the aim of site is to share and reuse between libraries.