South India’s Biggest

Qira’ath Competition

About Qira'ath Program

Terms & Conditions:  
  • Participants must be between the ages of 25 and 40 and be familiar with the method of reading the Quran with Tajweed.
  • Application forms should be sent by 15.01.2022 Applications can be submitted online through the link
  • You can print and send the attached application forms.
  • The application form can also be downloaded from
  • The applicant should attach the supporting documents of the states in which he / she belongs to the application.
  • Application without Proper Documents will be rejected.
  • Candidates should first read any part of the following five areas with Tajweed Tilawat and record the video and send it by telegram to +91 9043120548 by 15.01.2022. Video recording should not exceed 5 minutes.
Surah Ayat
Surah Hud From 41 to 45
Surah Yusuf From 10 to 15
Surah Maryam From 41 to 44
Surah Hamim Sajdah – Fussilat From 1 to 8
  • The selected contestants will be divided into four groups state wise and the semi-finals will be held on Saturday 29.01.2022 at Ayyampettai.
  • 12 people will be selected for the finals.
  • The final will be held on 30.01.2022 in the presence of the public at the Main Growth Arena in Ayyampettai.
  • The finalists will be asked questions about Tajweed.
  • Competitors can read the verses selected by the judges by looking at the Holy Quran.
  • The decision of the arbitrators in all rounds is final.
  • Competitors will be given AC 3rd class train fare.
  • Food and lodging have been arranged for the contestants.
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